Claims Against The Police

Most of us have come into direct contact with the Police at some point in our lives and we all appreciate that our Police force underpins the rights we take for granted in modern society. Rules apply to police officers too and sometimes those rules are broken giving rise to an action against the police. The most common forms of complaint against the Police are as follows:

Wrongful Arrest and imprisonment

Where a police officer has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an arrestable offence has been committed, they may arrest, without a warrant, anyone they have reasonable grounds to suspect to be guilty of that offence. Once that police officer restricts your freedom of movement then you are, effectively, imprisoned. This means that being placed in a cell, a police vehicle or held by the police in any way that restricts your movement is unlawful unless that police office had ‘ reasonable grounds’ for suspecting that you have been involved in an offence. This concept of false arrest/ imprisonment most commonly applies to the police but it also applies to any person who hold you in detention eg supermarket staff, security officers, private security guards, teachers etc etc. An individual’s liberty and freedom of movement is highly prized and a cherished human right. Compensation is payable and quite properly so if you have been the victim of a wrongful arrest and detention.

Assault by a police officer

If a police officer uses more force than is ‘reasonable’ against you then you have a claim for damages/compensation against that officer. The problem however is proving it, even when the injuries are serious the common response is that the individual resisted arrest or the injuries were largely self-inflicted. It is important to obtain witness evidence or secure CCTV footage if at all possible. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with wrongful arrest and wrongful imprisonment cases ranging from being held in a supermarket to being detained in a police station. It is normally the case that an award of approximately £500 is made for the first hour of imprisonment, increasing to £3,000 for 24 hours. Reductions are made if someone is accustomed to spending time in police custody. Increases in the guideline awards can sometimes be made if someone has never been detained by the police before.

Accidents on Roads

Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists. If you have been involved in an accident involving a vehicle then we can help with your claim for personal injury and other losses.

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