Bus & Coach Accident Claims

We all know that bus and coach travel is one of the safest modes of transport but accidents can and do happen.

If you have been injured following an accident on a bus or coach then you need to talk to a lawyer who knows what they’re talking about. We have lawyers at Smooth who have been dealing with claims like this for decades.

It’s important that responsibility for the accident is considered carefully, is it the fault of a careless or negligent bus or coach driver? Is it the fault of another vehicle driver? Is it a case of shared responsibility? As a passenger many insurers operate a ‘ claims sharing agreement’ so that the passengers claims are dealt with quickly while the drivers argue about blame. As a passenger one thing is pretty certain… the accident cannot have been your fault! Always keep your ticket because the insurance company for the bus or coach company will want to be sure that claimants were actually on the bus!

Smooth Top Tip

Always keep your ticket or travel document to prove that you were on the bus or coach. It’s the first thing the bus or coach company will ask for!

Personal Injury

We have decades of experience in dealing with injury claims arising from any scenario and our lawyers are member of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers). We deal with the following accident claims:

  • Trips and slips.
  • Accidents at work.
  • Sporting Injuries.
  • Supermarket Slips and falls.
  • Falls from Heights.
  • Injuries through lifting heavy objects.
  • Injuries caused through lack of training.

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