Defective Product Liability Claims

You can pursue compensation for personal injury caused by a defective or dangerous product. The Consumer Protection Act 1987 states that the manufacturer or the company which imported the item is liable for injury to users.

This applies to defective or dangerous products in any form including toys, electrical goods, boxes, tools ,machinery, leisure equipment, pushchairs. If you have been caused injury by a defective product or suspect that the product may be defective then contact us now for a free assessment of your potential claim. You will not know unless you ask and all of our initial consultations are free of charges in all circumstances. You may well recall the suites which caused an allergic reaction on the skin of people sitting on them. This is an example of a defective product.

Accidents on Roads

Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists. If you have been involved in an accident involving a vehicle then we can help with your claim for personal injury and other losses.

We have access to a national network of credit car hire firms from the family vehicle to the prestige car market. We also have access to a nationwide car repair network and if the requirement is there then we can provide the repair and the car hire pending repair.


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