Serious Injury Claims Solicitors

Our serious injury lawyers have strong expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), so we can typically resolve most claims with an out-of-court settlement, saving you the hassle and stress of going to court, as well as allowing you to get compensation faster and with lower legal fees.

However, we also have very strong court litigation experience, so can provide the very best support and representation, no matter what approach is required.

We represent all of our clients on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning there is no upfront cost or financial risk to you when starting a claim.

Unsure what to expect when making a serious injury claim? Take a look at our guide to the personal injury claims process.

To arrange a free initial consultation on starting a serious injury claim, you can fill out our simple contact form with the basic details of your claim or use the contact details below to get in touch.

Smooth Top Tip

Write down everything you can about the circumstances surrounding your injury as soon as possible. Doing this while everything is fresh helps to ensure no important details are missed which could be vital to your claim later on.

Our expertise with serious injury compensation claims

Our personal injury solicitors are highly experienced in pursuing compensation for all types of serious injuries. With an exceptional track record of success for our clients, we are able to secure substantial settlements in relation serious injury claims including:

  • Head injury claims
  • Brain injury claims
  • Spinal injury claims
  • Amputation claims
  • Broken bone claims
  • Eye injury claims
  • Loss of hearing claims
  • Chronic pain claims
  • Fatal injury claims

Our experience and expertise mean we can rapidly assess your case and provide a realistic idea of how likely you are to be able to secure compensation and the potential value of the settlement you may be able to secure. We can then provide seasoned advice and support throughout the entire claims process to give you the very best chance of a fair outcome.

To find out more about our expertise with your specific type of serious injury claim, please get in touch.

How we make serious injury claims easier for you

Our serious injury solicitors aim to do the hard work for you, making the process of claiming compensation as simple and hassle-free as we can.  Throughout the entire claims process, there are various ways we can support you to help you get the best available settlement as quickly and smoothly as possible, while keeping the costs involved to a minimum.

Contacting our serious injury lawyers

The first step in making a claim is to get in touch with our team and tell us about your claim. We understand that for many people, this first step is often the hardest, with many people feeling uncertain about or intimidated by the idea of claiming compensation.

To make this as easy as possible, we offer various options for getting in touch with our team, including:

Our team will also be happy to visit you in hospital or in your home if required and you can always visit us at our central Liverpool office at:

Smooth Law Limited
The Vault,
6 Deacon Park,
Moorgate Road S,
L33 7RX

Investigating serious injury claims

There are two key things we need to do when investigating your claim for you:

  • Show that the defendant is liable for your injuries
  • Show how much compensation you are entitled to

To establish these two points, we will usually need to gather a significant amount of evidence, including from witnesses, doctors and other professional experts. We need to ensure this evidence is robust and effectively presented to help ensure the defendant accepts liability or that a judge finds them liable if the matter goes to court.

With our experience and specialist knowledge of serious injury claims, we can ensure all of the right evidence is collected and used to effectively support your claim. This reduces the possibility of an effective challenge to your claim and makes it much more likely that the defendant will accept liability and offer an early settlement.

Out of court settlements for serious injury claims

Virtually all of the personal injury claims we handle are resolved with an out-of-court settlement. This allows you to avoid the stress and uncertainty of court proceedings, while usually allowing claims to be resolved much faster and with significantly lower legal fees.

We have strong skills in negotiation, mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques, meaning we can usually secure a voluntary agreement to resolve even the most complex and contentious claims.

Court proceedings for serious injury claims

Only a tiny minority of the cases we deal with ever require court proceedings, but where a settlement cannot be agreed out of court, we have the skills and experience to ensure your case is presented effectively and to give you the best chance of a fair outcome.

We have strong links with specialist barristers who can advise on your case and represent you in court, while we will work with you to make sure you know what to expect and to keep the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

It is worth noting that, even where court proceedings are initiated, most claims will still then be resolved with a pre-trial settlement, so the likelihood of you ever having to go to court are very slim.

No win, no fee serious injury claims

We represent all of our serious injury claims clients on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly referred to as a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement.

With a no win, no fee deal, you do not pay anything to us to start a claim and you will only be required to cover our legal fees if we win compensation for you. If your claim does not result in compensation, then you will owe us nothing.

This takes the financial risk out of pursuing a claim for you and also means that when we take on your claim, you can be confident that we believe you have a very strong chance of winning.

Serious injury claims FAQs

What is the time limit for making a serious injury claim?

You will generally have 3 years from the date an injury occurs to make a compensation claim. However, there are various circumstances where this time limit can vary, giving you longer to claim.

If you only became aware of the injury later – The 3-year time limit will be counted from this date instead, referred to as the ‘date of knowledge’.

If the injured party was under 18 – Their parents or guardian will have until the child turns 18 to bring a claim. Once the child turns 18, they can bring their own claim up until their 21st birthday.

If the injured party does not have the mental capacity to make a claim – There is no time limit for someone else to claim on their behalf.

If you need to claim for someone who has died – You will usually have 3 years from the date of death to make a claim.

How much compensation can you claim for a serious injury?

The level of damages you are entitled to will depend on the nature of your injuries and their impact on your life. Factors that may influence the size of the settlement you can potentially receive include:

  • How seriously you were injured
  • Any specific financial losses you have incurred e.g. paying for treatment or lost income due to having to take time of work
  • The non-financial impact on your life e.g. loss of independence, having to give up activities you previously enjoyed
  • Any likely future financial impact e.g. paying for ongoing care, long-term impact on your career

Using our experience with serious injury claims, we will be able to offer a realistic estimate of your claims likely value at the outset, giving you a clear indication of the level of compensation you may be able to receive.

Can you claim compensation for someone who is unable to make a claim?

It is not uncommon for people to contact us who have a loved one is unable to claim compensation themselves, for example because they suffered a serious brain injury and do not have the mental capacity to pursue a claim.

In such circumstances, it is usually possible for a loved one to act as a ‘litigation friend’ for the injured party. A litigation friend is empowered to make decisions about the claim for the injured party, including whether to accept a settlement and going to court if required.

If you wish to act as a litigation friend for someone who is unable to pursue their own serious injury claim, we can advise you on the process and your responsibilities, then support you in carrying out your duties.

Can you claim compensation for a loved one who suffered a fatal injury?

If a loved one has died following a serious injury, you may still be able to pursue compensation. In order to do so, you will usually need to be a close relative of the deceased, such as their spouse, civil partner, child or parent.

Fatal injury compensation can include:

  • Replacing financial support provided by the deceased
  • Compensation for the practical and emotional impact on your life
  • Funeral costs
  • A Bereavement Award (under the Fatal Accident Act 1976) for the deceased’s spouse or parent


Can you get immediate compensation for a serious injury to fund treatment?

The general principle with personal injury claims is that people should not be denied essential treatment and support while they wait for the claim to be resolved. Therefore, it is often possible to secure interim payments to cover treatment costs, buying special equipment and other types of support while your claim is still ongoing.

If you require immediate financial assistance to deal with the impact of your injuries and support your recovery, we can discuss this with you to help you secure interim compensation payments wherever possible.

What can you do if your serious injury claim was under settled?

If you worked with another law firm to pursue compensation for a serious injury and you believe the settlement you received was too low, you may be able to take action against that law firm to reclaim the money you have lost out on.

This will involve making a professional negligence claim against the other firm which could allow you to claim the difference between the settlement you received and the settlement you would have been likely to receive with the correct legal advice.

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To arrange a free initial consultation on starting a serious injury claim, you can fill out our simple contact form with the basic details of your claim or use the contact details below to get in touch.