Car Accident & Injury Compensation Claims

Whether it’s a relatively minor bump or a catastrophic collision you must make sure that you have the right team to represent you.

The ‘Accident Industry’, as it has sadly become known is full of people not qualified to deal with your case as professionals should. Regulated by The Law Society and The Solicitors Regulation Authority we are trained to deal with these matters thoroughly and to deliver the service you deserve to expect. Sometimes you need to talk about other issues flowing from an accident. Increase in premiums, what if the other driver was drunk or uninsured and what happens if the Police attend or the other driver will not provide details. We can help with all of your questions and give you peace of mind. Unlike most other solicitors we actually belong in the 21st Century and will keep you appraised of your case by email and text communication throughout. Smooth Law was created to make access to advice easier not harder.

Assuming the accident was not your fault we can deal with all aspects of the claim by:

  • Liaising with your insurers and the at fault driver’s insurers
  • Arranging a replacement vehicle through a national network of vehicle hire specialists
  • Arranging for repair of your vehicle through a national network of kite marked body repair shops
  • Arranging physiotherapy and/ or other rehabilitation through a national network
  • Arranging a medical examination with a specialist and at a location within miles of your home
  • Arranging recovery of ‘ consequential losses’ eg loss of earnings, damage to valuables,  loss of pension benefits, compensation for loss on the open job market

Smooth Top Tip

Always keep your ticket or travel document to prove that you were on the bus or coach. It’s the first thing the bus or coach company will ask for!

Personal Injury

We have decades of experience in dealing with injury claims arising from any scenario and our lawyers are member of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers). We deal with the following accident claims:

  • Trips and slips.
  • Accidents at work.
  • Sporting Injuries.
  • Supermarket Slips and falls.
  • Falls from Heights.
  • Injuries through lifting heavy objects.
  • Injuries caused through lack of training.

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