Flight Compensation

If you have been delayed by more than three hours, or your flight has been cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation. If your flight was within the last six years, The European Union regulation (EC) 261/2004 gives you the right to claim a minimum of €250 up to €600, per person, depending on the distance of your flight and the length of your delay.

EU Regulations 261/2004 has been in effect since 17th February 2005. It is applicable within the European Union and can be called upon if you fly from an EU Country or if you fly from a non-European country with a European airline. This means any flights taking off from the UK or landing in the UK on an EU airline are always covered. The purpose of this regulation is to enforce the rights of passengers who are subjected to delays, cancellations, denied boarding or even overbooking of flights.

Who we are: Smooth Law Flight Compensation are a team of specialists with a wealth of knowledge in the Flight Compensation industry, making claiming easy and hassle-free. You simply provide us with the information required and we will do the rest, while keeping you informed about the progress every step of the way. Even if the airline reject your initial claim, we can still help.

We work on a strict “No win, No fee” agreement. When a claim is successful our fees are taken from the compensation received. If, on the other hand, you receive compensation direct from the airline you must inform us. We will then issue you with an invoice for our services, we charge 30% + VAT of the compensation.

We also offer a cooling off period in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. If you decide within fourteen days that you do not wish to proceed with your claim, you may cancel free of charge by emailing us at flightclaims@smoothlaw.co.uk or by post to our contact address. If you decide to cancel your claim after this time frame has passed, we will charge a cancellation fee as stated within our Terms of Business.

Your Rights

Often, travelers do not understand that airlines are legally and financially responsible for flight issues, not the passenger. Payable cases include: Technical faults, Crew sickness/Over hours and anything else which is within the airline’s control. Passenger’s rights apply to flights from all EU countries or flying with an EU airline from a none EU country.


Once we get a successful decision of compensation on your behalf from the airline, we will send you an update via email requesting bank information to make payment. Most airlines settle payment with us before payment getting sent over via bank transfer within 14 working days.
However, a small number of airlines, such as Ryanair, will send payment direct to yourself. Once you receive this you must inform us. One of our specialist will issue you with an invoice for our services.


Is my flight eligible for compensation?

Find out within minutes via our agents by calling 0151 318 0300. Simply give your flight details and we will see if you are eligible through our in-house system, along with advising you further.

How much does Smooth Law Limited charge?

We operate on a strict ‘No win, No fee’ agreement which means that we will only deduct our fee for our service in the event of a successful case against an airline. This will be 30% + VAT (36% in total).

How long does this process take?

When submitting a claim with Smooth Law, it can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months on average for an airline to respond. It often depends on the airline dealing with the claim. Some claims are settled very quickly whilst others can take a little longer.

What is a cooling off period?

We offer a cooling off period of 14 calendar days. It is possible to cancel your claim via email at flightclaims@smoothlaw.co.uk or by post to our contact address. If you wish to cancel after this point, we will charge a cancellation fee in accordance with our Terms of Business.

How much compensation am I going to receive?

If your claim is successful, the amount of compensation recovered is determined by the length of the delay along with the distance travelled.
Please see below the Flight Compensation calculation table:

Flight Length Arrival Delay Compensation Due
Less than 1,500km 3 hours+ €250.00pp
1,500km to 3,500km 3 hours+ €400.00pp
More than 3,500km More than three/Less than four € 300.00pp
More than 3,500km 4 hours + €600.00pp 

How would I receive my compensation?

Once a case has been settled and we receive the compensation from the airline, we will send you an update via email and request your bank information to make a payment. Payment will then be sent over to yourself via a bank transfer within 14 working days. This is for all airlines except Ryan Air.
Please note we can only make a bank transfer payment to the Lead Passenger only
If you have an International account, please contact our Collections Team on collections@smoothlaw.co.uk 

Which Countries fall within the EU?

Countries in the EU

I missed my connecting flight? Can I still claim?

Possibly, if you landed at your final destination over three hours late you could be due compensation. This is provided all flights are bought together with the same booking reference number and the airline is the same carrier on the two flights taken.

Can I get a refund for other expenses caused by the delay?

Yes, though this is a separate case to flight compensation which could be taken up with the airline directly. Depending on the length of your delayed flight airlines should provide – for free – food and drink which is usually in a form of vouchers, an overnight delay e.g. hotel accommodation, airport/hotel transfers.

What documents do I need to start my claim?

The more flight information you provide, the better. This includes flight number and booking reference. We often ask for booking confirmation to ensure the airline has no way of denying you were a passenger on the flight we are requesting compensation for. Along with a few personal details, that is pretty much all we require – it’s simple!

Can you claim direct and not appoint Smooth Law Limited?

You can apply for compensation directly from the airline. However, it is proven that a high percentage of claims are rejected leaving passengers unsure what do to next.
We understand how frustrating flight delays can be, so we aim to provide you with a service that you deserve. Here at Smooth Law, we will not stop if an Airline denies liability, we will try all avenues available to us to recover compensation from the Airline.

Can everyone claim?

You can claim for compensation through the EC261/2004 Regulation if you have purchased a full-value ticket from the airline and boarded the flight.
Unfortunately, if a flight ticket was purchased as a discounted ticket/special tariff, under the EU Regulation 261/2004, you will not be covered. For example, staff discounts are not covered

If I have already received compensation can I claim again?

If you have already received compensation from the airline between €250 – €600 per passenger unfortunately under EC261/2004 Regulation you would not be entitled to any more compensation other than additional expenses such as taxi fares, accommodation etc.

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