London Bus Accident – Case Study

Smooth Law Bus Case Study

14 Dec London Bus Accident – Case Study

Our claimant was a passenger on a London Bus which was involved in a road traffic collision with another vehicle.

Our claimant’s head was caused to hit the window of the bus resulting in a number of injuries including temporary hearing loss, tinnitus and visual disturbance arising from concussion.

The Defendant’s insurers challenged the legitimacy of all of the injuries and reports were obtained from Ophthalmic and ENT Surgeons. The matter was settled before trial for £20,000.00.

As a passenger many insurers operate a “claims sharing agreement” so that a passenger’s claim is dealt with quickly while the drivers argue about blame. As a passenger one thing is pretty certain – the accident cannot have been your fault!

A word of advice – always keep your ticket because the insurance company for the bus or coach company will want to be sure that claimants were actually on the bus.


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